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What is the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)?

Why is ESA membership important?

Where can I find more information on the ESA?

The Key to Quality

  The Electrical Safety Authority works independently and with other organizations to provide information and services to the public that can protect you against potential shock and fire hazards.

They work closely with the Fire Marshal’s Office and the Corner’s Office to produce an annual Electrical Safety Report that reinforces the ongoing requirement to take precautions when dealing with electrical installations. A dedicated Consumer Advisory Council assists them in preparing information and defining campaigns to protect the public from potential electrical hazards.

What you should know – is that you can make a difference in ensuring the safety of your home and your family. By following some basic electrical safety tips, ensuring you research electrical projects, using the services of licensed electrical contractors, and ensuring you arrange for electrical inspections if you are concerned about your homes electrical system, or if you are doing electrical work you are taking the first important steps.

For more information on the Electrical Safety Authority, please visit their website.

For more information on the Electrical Contractor Registration Agency of the Electrical Safety Authority, please visit their website.

Jontech Electrical is also a proud member of:

Canadian Home Builders' Association

Electrical Contractor Registration Licence No 7005087


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